Monday, February 9, 2009

Jim Crow

February 9, 2009

Today is class, we learned about the Jim Crow system. The Jim Crow law is when Colored people are segregated from Whites. I think that non-whites were affected terrebly by the Jim Crow system. I think that Malcolm x hated this law. That is why he fought against it.

Langston was an african american poet. When Langston was growing up life for blacks was tough. Today in class i read the poem marrigold round. I think that blacks have it easy now than 1930 because the Jim Crow system is over. Today,black can actually be right next to whites with no problem.

I think that the Jim crow system is a problem beacause block is mainly just cells in your body no need for segregation. Langston fought for freedom by writing poems. Shirly Chisholm fought by running for president. Malcolm X fought by violence. MLKJ fought by non-violence. If people didnt fight for freedom, whites will have had control over the black race or even have a genocide on the black race.

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