Monday, April 27, 2009


April 27, 2009

Today in class, we were discussing racism. I still feel that racism exists.The ways that it exist that when you are walking down the street sometimes, someone will just come up to you and say "I don't like you because you are....."Steve Harmon experiences some type of racism because people already started judging him because he is Black. Some people say they don't like Africans but I don't care because I am proud of it and nobody can change that. I am black, 3 different types of African, and some other things I can't count. The people that don't like Africans really don't know that their ancestors are African. Some say that Africans are dirty and stink but sometimes what they are really smelling is them selves. There is nothing wrong with being African and if people don't like me because of that, that's their business because they really don't know who they are!!

I think that there is racism in are country's court system. Most of the time, a minority can't get a fair trial. This is because once they walk in the court room, people think to them selves, She/He might be guilty because she/he is a black or Hispanic. I don't think that Steve will get a fair trial because they are already calling him a monster and they don't even have proof that he is guilty. I think that O'Brien feels that the jury is judging Steve unfair.

Many people think that our country's court system is unfair. I think that they feel this way because they feel that people discriminate against them. I think that their are more blacks in jail than college because they don't believe in themselves and nobody really encourages them. This is my opinion about racism.

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