Friday, April 24, 2009


April 24, 2009

In this world, people use very cruel and harsh words. It is very powerful. I think people call each other names because the want attention and want to just start problems. People don't really call me names. They just talk under their breath. I know that people feel sad when people call them names because even though they say words don't hurt, most of the time it hurts. I always see people getting bullied. I think people feel power less when the get bullied.

Petrocelli calls Steve a "Monster" because she thinks he murdered someone. I don't bully no one but when I argue with my siblings, I call them animals. Steve feels intimidated when called a monster. After he is called a monster, he decides to write a movie about his time in jail. I don't think that Steve feels like a monster because he says that he didn't murder the store owner. I think that he is just guilty by association.

I think that the jury see Steve as a monster because he is black, and on trial. If I was on jury, I wouldn't think that Steve is a monster. That is because I would have to actually find out if he killed that man. The book is titled monster because, basically, Steve's nick name is monster.

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