Thursday, June 18, 2009

Lake Compounds

June 18,2009

For my seventh grade class trip, I went to Lake Compounds. This place is located at Connecticut. We left for the trip at 8:50.While I was on the bus going to the trip, I went to sleep. The trip was exciting. The movies we watched until we got to and from the park was Harry Potter and Batman. The bus ride was about 3 hrs long. I felt very tired and cold on the bus. I felt this way because the driver kept on putting on the a.c and I went on too many rides

Once I arrived to the trip, I went to the bathroom. I felt excited when I got to the park. The group I went with include me, Dieshell, Marijo, Octavia, Boranda, Thelma, and Quanashia. The teacher I went with was Ms. Horan. The first ride I went on was zoomerang which was the purple one. On the ride, every one in my group except for Ms. Horan and Octavia went on. Other rides I went on were, the thunder and lightning, wildcat, boulder dash, the boat and, the super fast marigold round. I disliked the prices that where on the food except the ice cream. On the thunder and lightning one, I was so scared that I screamed for my mom. My teacher didn't want to goon any roller coaster. I ordered the pizza and ice cream. I didn't like the pizza. When i ordered my ice cream, They made it extra small so Ms.Horan went back and made them change it.

The last ride I went on was the boulder dash which was the one in the woods. At lake Compounds it seen lots of beautiful trees. The bus ride home was tiring. I was not aware of the movie playing because I was sleeping. I would love to go back.

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